My queer favourite game 2024

July 7, 2024
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Hello! Eurogamer’s latest week of features celebrating the intersection of LGBTQIA+ culture and gaming is almost at an end, but to wrap things up, we’ve once again spoken with some of our favourite creators, conferred among the team, and even delved into the Eurogamer archive to spotlight just a few of our favourite queer and queer-positive games. Hopefully, you’ll find something new to enjoy here, or be enouraged to further explore the wonderful queer stories being brought to life by talented developers today – and if you’ve any recommendations of your own, please do share them in the comments below!

If you’ve missed any of this year’s other Pride Week features, you’ll find them – and indeed everything we’ve published as part of the series over the last five years – on our new Pride Week hub. Many thanks to our stellar 2024 contributors (in order of appearance): James Croft, Caelyn Ellis, Florence Smith Nicholls, Dr Lloyd (Meadhbh) Houston, Sharang Biswas, Ed Nightingale, Lottie Lynn, Kaan Serin, Eeowna, Robert Yang, Psyche, and Lorenzo Redaelli. Additional thanks to Tom Phillips, Erin Young for the hub page, Maddie Cullen and Jim Trinca for this year’s Pride Week video, and to Lucy Grimwood for her wonderful Pride Week artwork and logo.

Eurogamer will, of course, continue celebrating the achievements of, and highlighting issues affecting, the LGBTQIA+ community in gaming throughout the year – and we’ll be back with more Pride celebrations again in 2025. Now, on with a few of our queer favourite games…

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