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Days Gone: A Deep Dive into the Farewell Wi...

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Traveling the abandoned highways of the Farewell Wilderness is deadly. You’ll pass through thick forests of ponderosa and pine (filled with wolves), venture into naturally formed lava tube caves (filled with Freakers), ride up steep trails


Bethesda cracks down on Fallout 76 accounts...

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Following the discovery of a secret developer room in Fallout 76, Bethesda is now temporarily disabling player accounts with items from areas “not intended for the public”. A statement from Bethesda first appeared on the Polish


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout gets res...

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This week’s shaping up to be a great one for those hoping to try Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Today marks the start of Blackout’s first 7-day free trial – and along with this, the

Vizio SB36512-F6 Atmos Sound Bar System Rev...

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Be sure to visit IGN Tech for all the latest comprehensive hands-on reviews and best-of roundups. Note that if you click on one of these links to buy the product, IGN may get a share of


The Division 2’s private beta gets a ...

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Ubisoft has announced that its upcoming private beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will begin early next month on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. More specifically, The Division 2’s private beta will run from


Hitman developer IO Interactive is opening ...

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Copenhagen-based Hitman developer IO Interactive has announced that it’s opening a second development studio, situated in Malmö, Sweden. The new studio will, says CEO Hakan Abrak, operate in tandem with IO’s existing Copenhagen team, and will


PlayStation 4 Pro with Spider-Man or Red De...

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You can get a PlayStation 4 Pro for around £349.99 at most stores currently – usually lacking a game. However, there are a few deals about right now that’ll nab you not only a brand new


Wandersong Launches on PS4 January 22

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Hello! We’re very excited to announce that Wandersong, the indie musical adventure game, is arriving at PlayStation Store on January 22! In the world of Wandersong, everything was once sung into existence by the almighty goddess


Inside The Classic RPG and Literary Influen...

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Hey everyone! We are Andrew and Brian Allanson, creators of YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, which releases tomorrow at PS Store. It’s been a long journey developing YIIK and we’d like to tell you a little about


GT Sport Adds Special Stage Route X, 8 New ...

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Another year, another month, and another free content update for GT Sport is right around the corner! From tomorrow, drivers will be able to download patch 1.32 (internet connection required) — featuring a huge selection of