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GT Sport 1.31 Update: 7 New Cars, New Track...

Dec 05, 2018Comments off

Hello again, GT fans. Available starting today is our free December update for GT Sport, patch 1.31 (Internet connection required). It features a selection of seven stunning vehicles, including European supercars, elegant saloons and some old-school


How Santa Monica Studios Nailed Exploration...

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God of War was built around three core pillars that would influence all design decisions for the project: Combat, Father/Son, and Exploration. When I started at Santa Monica Studio in May 2015, the Exploration pillar was


In praise of cel-shading

Dec 05, 2018Comments off

I’ve been playing some of my old games recently, handling scratched and aging discs with great care. What I’ve found is that, for me at least, the best games to revisit years after they first came


Battlefield 5’s first chapter update ...

Dec 05, 2018Comments off

UPDATE 4/12/19, 11pm: DICE has announced that it’s now resolved the “issue” found in Battlefield 5’s first free post-launch DLC update, which resulted in a delay to its originally intended launch of today. As such, Battlefield


Those Ubisoft Club points you’ve been...

Dec 05, 2018Comments off

Ubisoft has announced major changes to its Ubisoft Club rewards scheme, which will see the introduction an expiration date for all points accrued, starting next April. Previously, Ubisoft Club points (known as Units) carried no expiration


BioWare reportedly set to unveil new Dragon...

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According to a new report, which Eurogamer understands to be true, BioWare is set to offer a first taste of its long-awaited next Dragon Age at this week’s Game Awards. That’s despite it still being “at


Looks like there’s a CTR: Crash Team ...

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Cult kart racer CTR: Crash Team Racing looks like it’s making a comeback. Following the enormous success of the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy remaster, it looks like publisher Activision will revisit kart racing spin-off CTR next.


Hands on with Resident Evil 2 on PS4

Dec 04, 2018Comments off

After 20-odd games, Resident Evil is one of gaming’s most storied series… but all those offshoots, reinventions, and remakes make it hard to nail down what, exactly, gaming’s original survival-horror series stands for. But I bring


ToeJam & Earl are Back with a Funky New...

Dec 04, 2018Comments off

Greetings Earthlings! And all other apropos felicitations… Greg Johnson here, director of Humanature Studios and co-creator of the funkadelic ToeJam & Earl games. We’re super happy to announce that after… *looks at watch*… Woah! After nearly

PS Now Adds 50 More PS4 Games, Including Fo...

Dec 04, 2018Comments off

The holidays are now upon us! Santa Claus has arrived early this year, because today we’re adding 50 more PlayStation 4 games to the PlayStation Now library, bringing the total to over 275 PS4 games to