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Epic pulls overpowered Infinity Blade from ...

Dec 15, 2018Comments off

Epic has pulled the Infinity Blade weapon from Fortnite for being overpowered. Epic added the sword from its mobile game of the same name just four days ago, but players quickly found it to be ruining


YOGO: You only game once

Dec 15, 2018Comments off

I recently finished Detroit: Become Human, a game that not only challenges my knuckle-draggingly slow death-by-procrastination choice process, but also raised some rather disturbing revelations as to how potentially sociopathic I might just be. I mean

Borderlands 2 VR Review

Dec 14, 2018Comments off

When we dream of replaying our favorite traditional games in virtual reality, what are we really envisioning? In the case of Borderlands 2, the beloved looter-shooter from Gearbox, you might imagine looting and shooting with newfound


The Drop: New PlayStation Games for Decembe...

Dec 14, 2018Comments off

Prepare to smash, slash, and burn your way through throngs of bloodthirsty enemies in Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Developed by Fatshark, this intense first-person game takes place during the desperate End Times of the iconic Warhammer world.


Share of the Week: Warframe – Fortuna

Dec 14, 2018Comments off

The Warframe community blew us into another solar system last week with their detailed and spirited shares, pushing us to go back for another round of spotlights. Luckily this week also saw the launch of Warframe’s


Smash Hit Plunder Blasts To PS VR, Out Now

Dec 14, 2018Comments off

Smash Hit Plunder is out in the US regions! You can play the game single-player, but you can also play together with friends and family with local co-op and vs. multiplayer gameplay using the TV screen.

PlayStation Store: November’s Top Downloa...

Dec 14, 2018Comments off

Howdy! Rockstar’s open-world outlaw epic Red Dead Redemption 2 is the big winner for November, handily securing the top PS4 spot on the PlayStation Store download charts. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Fallout 76


Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro ...

Dec 14, 2018Comments off

It’s just about a month until we embark on another spectacular journey with Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy in a magical array of Disney and Pixar worlds in Kingdom Hearts III. In anticipation, we’re pleased to


Epic legal threat silences prolific Fortnit...

Dec 14, 2018Comments off

Christmas is almost upon us, and with it the cheer of the season – but apparently someone didn’t get the memo, as one of the biggest Fortnite leakers has suddenly shut down following a legal threat


UK union wants to tackle video game industr...

Dec 14, 2018Comments off

Excessive and unpaid overtime, zero-hour contracts and a pervasive culture of homophobia and sexism – these are the three top issues to be tackled by a new video games industry branch of the Independent Workers Union