Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Invades PS4 ...

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Hello gamers! At last, Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain will be released for PlayStation 4 on April 11, 2019. Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is

Astro Bot Rescue Mission: Inside the Art an...

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Hello VR friends! Let’s talk visuals today! We sat down with Sebastian Brueckner and Jamie Alexander Smith, Art Director and Animation Lead on Astro Bot

PlayLink Puzzler Melbits World Launches Feb...

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Melbits World is a beginning. It’s the introduction of a whole new kind of creature to the world of videogames. We aim to create a

7 Surprising Ways That Far Cry New Dawn Re-...

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An unexpected new chapter in the Far Cry franchise lands on PS4 on February 15. Far Cry New Dawn is a bold and colorful riff

F2P Multiplayer Realm Royale Launches Open ...

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Hey everyone, I’m JNash, community manager for Realm Royale over at Heroic Leap Games. It’s my great pleasure to announce that Realm Royale is moving

Grand Strategy Comes to PS4 in Stellaris, P...

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A Grand Strategy Game? On consoles? You must be mad! Perhaps, but doing mad things has worked out so far for us at Paradox, and

PlayStation Blogcast 317: Game of the God o...

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Email us at blogcast@sony.com! Subscribe via iTunes, Spotify, Google or RSS, or download here It’s Game of the Year time, baby! Join us as we

The Drop: New PlayStation Games for January...

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Party like it’s 1998! Unfortunately, in this case it’s Leon S. Kennedy’s welcome party to the Raccoon City Police Department, and it was canceled on

Share of the Week: Joy

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Last week, we asked you to find some joyful moments in gaming that put a smile on your or the character’s face. We had a

PlayStation’s Most Wanted: 9 Releases to ...

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If you thought 2018 was a great year for games, hooo boy! We’re just days into 2019, and it’s starting with a bang. From the