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Classic point & click adventure Darkest...

Aug 12, 2020Comments off

Hey everyone, this is Hernan Lopez from Epic LLama and I’m excited to finally say this: Darkestville Castle is coming to PlayStation 4 tomorrow! It’s been a long journey and we’re happy that you’ll be able


Dead Cells gets new distillery biome in fre...

Aug 12, 2020Comments off

Just when you think developer Motion Twin must surely be slowing down work on its wonderful action-platform rogue-like Dead Cells, along comes another massive free post-launch update – the 20th, for those counting – to prove


The Tony Hawk’s remaster does justice...

Aug 12, 2020Comments off

Here’s a riddle for you. I’ve never properly played a Tony Hawk’s game, yet I put more hours into Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on the original PlayStation than anything else on the console. Okay, it’s not


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Warehouse De...

Aug 12, 2020Comments off

On Friday August 14 at 8 a.m. PDT (4 p.m. BST) – or your regional equivalent time – the gates of the Warehouse demo will be swung open for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2


Paul Pogba just “signed” for Ca...

Aug 12, 2020Comments off

Manchester United fans who’ve never heard of a Call of Duty, a Modern Warfare or a Warzone before got a fright today after star midfielder Paul Pogba announced he had “signed” for Verdansk FC. It’s a


Control won’t offer free PS5 and Xbox...

Aug 12, 2020Comments off

You will not get a free upgrade to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of Control even if you own the game and its expansions already. A new “Ultimate Edition” package version of Control


Meet the Resident Evil superfan who’s...

Aug 12, 2020Comments off

There are Resident Evil fans, and then there’s TheBatMan. That’s the name perhaps the biggest Resident Evil fan in the world goes by online. I’ve spent the last few weeks lurking in a Discord called The


Assassin’s Creed prequel picks female...

Aug 12, 2020Comments off

Ubisoft has said both male and female main character options in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be canon – but the game’s official prequel has picked to portray Eivor as a woman. Dark Horse graphic novel series


Fall Guys’ first update adds another ...

Aug 12, 2020Comments off

Chart-topping bean battle royale Fall Guys will get its first update today – and it adds a new level. Well, developer Mediatonic describes the level as new, though it was previously playable back during the game’s


Cancelled Star Wars Ragtag game details sur...

Aug 12, 2020Comments off

A former producer on Amy Hennig’s cancelled Star Wars game has shed new light on the project, and how far it got at Dead Space studio Visceral Games before EA pulled the plug. Its main character,