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Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves – how PS...

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When Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was first revealed during E3 2014, Naughty Dog presented a stunning teaser trailer featuring Nathan Drake waking on a beach… the detail was unprecedented and astonishingly, it was running at


Call of Duty: Warzone 2 reports spark fan c...

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Last night’s report that Activision is developing a sequel to live service battle royale Call of Duty Warzone has sparked concern among fans who have spent countless hours – not to mention money – on the


Aztech Forgotten Gods has a release date

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Aztech Forgotten Gods from developer Lienzo now has a release date. First shown at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase in April last year, the game is due out across Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and PC (Steam,


Raven Software union bid pushes on, despite...

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A unionisation bid by QA staff at Call of Duty studio Raven Software will continue, despite Activision Blizzard missing last night’s 11pm deadline to respond and voluntarily recognise the group. The bid will now be filed


Vagante review – a hidden gem, but wa...

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For a genre defined by unpredictability, roguelikes often sound staggeringly boring. These are games for initiates, cast in the image of celebrated forebears – you at least have to know what Rogue is, whereas a first-person

Tips and tricks to slay the Dynasty Warrior...

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While the Dynasty Warriors franchise is known for its electrifying 1 vs. 1,000 musou action, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires adds some more strategic and tactical elements to the gameplay, forcing gamers to not only outfight their


EA confirms three new Star Wars games in de...

Jan 25, 2022Comments off

Respawn is making three new Star Wars games, EA has announced. One is the expected follow-up to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, with game director Stig Asmussen at the helm. Read more


Dear Esther developer’s Little Orpheu...

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Little Orpheus, the Apple Arcade platformer from the brains behind Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, is coming to PC and consoles. Developer The Chinese Room today confirmed Little Orpheus launches anew for Nintendo


Rabbids head to Mars on Netflix next month

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Ubisoft’s lovable Rabbids are back, and now they’re heading to Mars on Netflix. Rabbids Invasion Special: Mission to Mars will launch for Netflix next month, on 18th February. Read more


Fall Guys is getting its own Monopoly board...

Jan 25, 2022Comments off

Boisterous bean battle royale Fall Guys is getting its own Monopoly set. Developer Mediatonic has teamed up with Monopoly maker Hasbro to mash-up the two games into… something. Images released today show the traditional game board