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Of course, Star Wars is now in Fortnite

Nov 15, 2019Comments off

At last, I have the perfect avatar for my terrible aim. To celebrate today’s launch of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, the franchise’s iconic Imperial Stormtrooper is now available as a skin in Fortnite. The outfit


Take a look at Fractured Minds, the mental ...

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Fractured Minds is a first-person adventure puzzle game all about mental health, and it was created by 17-year-old game developer. Emily Mitchell, 2017’s BAFTA Young Game Designers winner, says the game is inspired by her personal


Five of the Best: Zip wires

Nov 15, 2019Comments off

Five of the Best is a weekly series about things you don’t notice when you’re playing a game because you’ve got more pressing things to do such as saving the world. Things like hands, potions, crowds,


Get 20% off new games, consoles, TVs and mo...

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Ebay’s travelling 20 per cent off sale has returned, offering a maximum of £75 off from over a hundred of Ebay’s biggest sellers when you use code PRIZE20 on items over £25. This is the perfect


There’s an interactive orchestral Und...

Nov 15, 2019Comments off

Next year, Undertale is getting an interactive musical adventure, which will showcase the game’s brilliant score and allow the audience to make choices that will influence the performance. Undertale LIVE takes place on 11th January at


British inventor creates working version of...

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Colin Furze is a British inventor who runs a popular YouTube channel where he makes all kinds of crazy and dangerous looking inventions. Previously, he designed some of the trick weapons from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice,

Terminator: Resistance Review

Nov 15, 2019Comments off

The Terminator franchise has long since established that things are not always as they seem on the surface, with robots that pose as naked Austrian bodybuilders, liquid metal machines that disguise themselves as friendly policemen, and

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

Nov 15, 2019Comments off

If Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order had an opening title crawl like the movies, it might go something like this: It is a dark time for fans of SINGLE-PLAYER Star Wars games. Since EA secured the


PlayStation Blogcast 351: Smash That Like B...

Nov 14, 2019Comments off

Email us at! Subscribe via iTunes, Spotify, Google or RSS, or download here Don’t forget to Like… structures left by fellow Porters throughout the world of Death Stranding! This week, the gang continues their DS


Acclaimed theme park sim Planet Coaster com...

Nov 14, 2019Comments off

Frontier Developments’ acclaimed theme park sim Planet Coaster is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next summer. Planet Coaster, which originally launched on PC in 2016, sees Frontier attempting to modernise the classic theme park