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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War patch mean...

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Treyarch has tweaked Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War so players level up weapons faster. The developer released a patch for the shooter this

PlayStation Store’s End of Year Deals pro...

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With the last month of 2020 in sight, we’ve kicked off our latest promotion on PlayStation Store: End of Year Deals! Beginning today you’ll be

The 9 best Cyber Monday gaming deals you do...

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Some might consider Cyber Monday offers a bit like Black Friday leftovers. But, like a reheated curry, they can sometimes be even more delicious the

Immortals Fenyx Rising Review

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In Greek mythology, Icarus’s ambition led to his literal downfall when he flew too close to the sun and melted his wax wings. So yes,

Immortals Fenyx Rising review – enjoy...

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The cubes are probably my favourite thing about Immortals Fenyx Rising. The floating cubes. Huge cubes, taller than me, scattered nursery toys of the Gods.

Meet the criminal masterminds you’ll play...

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Hey Gangsters! I’m Ian O’Neill, the Principal Combat Designer on Empire of Sin. We at Romero Games are really excited for all of you to

People are using Xbox Series X/S to emulate...

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Retro game enthusiasts are showing off the performance of many old PlayStation 2 games running on Microsoft’s new generation of console hardware. The video below,

Empire of Sin review – intoxicating b...

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There’s a lot to like about this 1920s gangster sim. It’s an intricately detailed game about a romanticised time. And as you would expect, it

Last chance to get numerous Cyber Monday di...

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Though Black Friday 2020 might be over, Cyber Monday is here, and that’s reason enough for Sony to keep the sale on its digital store

Currys goes live with early Cyber Monday de...

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Black Friday may be pretty much vanquished, but it’s ready to morph into its final boss form: Cyber Monday, armed to the teeth with even