Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset Review

December 3, 2018
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Audeze burst onto the scene ten years ago, and since its inception has become a household name – if your household is full of high-end headphone enthusiasts, that is. The company was born out of a meeting between two headphone industry professionals and an engineer who had developed special materials for NASA, and they wanted to use some of those materials in the production of a headphone line. The result was a true high-end headphone experience that cost up to $4,000. (Yes, that is the correct number of zeroes.) Luckily one of those zeroes disappears for the company’s first gaming headset, the Mobius (See it on Audeze’s site). It’s a high-grade wireless (or wired) cross-platform gaming headset with sophisticated technology, and head-tracking for VR. They’re in a class of their own due to their design and $400 price tag, so how well does that high-end philosophy translate to gaming?

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