Fortnite’s Season 7 gets start date and chilling first tease

December 3, 2018
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Between the shambling monsters, meandering cubes, and inter-dimensional butterflies from beyond time and space, Fortnite’s sixth season has certainly been memorable. All good things must come to an end however, and Epic has now confirmed that Season 6 only has only three days left to go. On a happier note, it’s also shared the very first tease for Season 7.

For weeks now, Epic’s subtle and not-so-subtle in-game shenanigans have lead many to believe that Fortnite’s Season 7 will have an appropriately wintery sub-zero theme. There’ve been hints of frost and snow in a number of new cosmetics, and then there’s the not-inconsiderable matter of the bloody great snowstorm bearing down on Battle Royale island right now.

Many players are hoping to see Fortnite transformed into a winter wonderland, and while Epic’s debut tease for Season 7 doesn’t precisely spell out what’s in store, its frost-speckled stylings and “A bitter ice spreads” caption do seem to confirm that temperatures are set to plummet.


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