In praise of Celeste

February 3, 2019
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I know it’s a week late, but Happy Birthday Celeste! It’s been lovely having you around this past year.

Really, I’d like to merge the Switch’s gallery with my phone. To have all these recorded shards of Celeste gameplay rightfully placed, spliced throughout my year alongside other cherished moments like – I’ve just checked – my gym bike times, a car parking permit, the sun setting behind a maize field, and a really good bread and butter pudding (multiple angles).

But from Celeste mountain I’d get the Old Site, and its star-glow that falls soft as snow. I’d get that single satellite dish with a playful secret. The stills I took of that lovely campfire conversation. A mystical ascent through northern lights. Reflection’s floating jags of pink light. Of course, Madeline at the mountain summit. And also: lots and lots of proud recordings of inspired, flow-state control and grace (without the lots and lots of deaths that led up to them).

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