Apex Legends players solve Easter egg hunt, spawn giant dinosaur

February 13, 2019
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A few days ago you may have seen this Reddit post highlight a peculiar message in the Apex Legends kill feed. Sandwiched in-between the usual murder and death was the comment “a nessy appears”. Mysterious and unexplained – until now.

After community manager Jay Frechette confirmed that “someone is on to something“, naturally, the internet had to investigate. It turns out the message appears when a player finds a small dinosaur toy or “nessy” on the map, and then shoots the poor little guy.

Soon, a dedicated subreddit called r/nessysecrets was established to hunt down the arena’s many dinosaurs. It only took players a matter of hours to collectively discover all the critters, although according to Game Detectives Wiki, the process was sped up considerably when a (now deleted) Reddit account posted all the locations in a suspected datamine.

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