How the Resident Evil 2 remake’s Mr. X actually works

March 7, 2019
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At this point, most who’ve played the wonderful Resident Evil 2 remake agree Mr. X, the relentlessly skulking, foot-stomping, face-punching monstrosity is a terrifying foe for poor old Leon and Claire.

Mr X. pops up as you explore the Raccoon Police Station. You can often hear him coming, his footsteps worryingly close to your location. But sometimes he manages to creep up on you – Mr. X can be remarkably stealthy for such a big boy – before knocking your lights out with a hay-maker to the jaw. And then, sometimes, you’ll open a door and he’ll be there, his horribly-wrinkled face staring blankly at you. Mr. X makes the Resident Evil 2 remake a proper squeaky bum time – and I love it.

But I’ve often wondered what’s going on behind the scenes. How do the video game tricksters at Capcom get Mr. X to work in the way he does? How does he skulk, exactly? Off camera, what’s he up to? How does he find you? And what makes him tick?

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