Overwatch battle royale? People are already having fun with the new Workshop tool

April 25, 2019
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What if Bastion could roll around while in turret form? What if Mei could slide along the ground she freezes like Silver Surfer? What if Widowmaker teleported into the positions of people she headshot? What if Reinhardt could teleport his group to him when he called for them to group up? What if Overwatch was third-person and there was a battle royale mode? All of these questions have been answered – and more! – in Overwatch’s brand new Workshop modding mode.

The Workshop was announced and added to the Public Test Realm yesterday evening. It lives within the custom game browser part of Overwatch, where people make their own rules for games, and it allows you to go a step further and tinker with the scripting of the game.

It lets you mess around with how characters’ powers and abilities work, and their movement, their guns – everything they do, really – and how the game mode itself works. You cannot, however, import art and mess with level design.

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