Nothing can stop Minecraft villagers from invading player beds

April 29, 2019
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What’s that? Minecraft villagers are sleepy, boring characters peacefully living out their lives in little hamlets? Not so, thanks to the latest Minecraft Village and Pillage update, which has given the citizens of Minecraft a new lease of life thanks to some significant AI changes. They’re perhaps taking the title a little too literally, in fact, as villagers are now breaking into homes to steal player beds and crops.

Update 1.14 now allows villagers to sleep in beds, and also gives them schedules to follow – which includes sleeping in said beds at nighttime. Seemingly the villagers are so determined to stick to these schedules they will stop at nothing to reach their destination.
As spotted by Kotaku, several Minecraft players have taken to Reddit seeking advice on how to evict their pesky neighbors.

“I was checking out the new 1.14 update when this villager somehow wandered over to my house from the village over 100 blocks away and he’s now claimed my crops as his own,” one player opined. “How do I get him to leave without hitting him?”

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