Fortnite season 9 sees cyberpunk-style Tilted Towers rise from the ashes

May 9, 2019
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After Tilted Towers suffered a dramatic death-by-volcano last week, many were wondering whether the famous hotbed of sweats would ever be resurrected – but season 9 is upon us, and so is the new version of Tilted Towers. You can’t keep this place down.

The season 9 update, which has just gone live, once again makes a number of major changes to Fortnite. The most noticeable are the addition of two new (or revamped) locations, Neo Tilted and a souped-up version of Retail Row called Mega Mall. I’m not going to lie, the latter looks like it’s about 90 per cent car park – true to a mall shopping experience, I suppose.

The narrative explanation for the new locations is shown in the Fortnite season 9 cinematic, which picks up from the aftermath of the volcanic eruption. The trailer’s two protagonists – Peely (the banana skin) and a default can be seen running from the carnage into a bunker. Things get a little morbid, with Peely meeting a rather unfortunate fate, before the refugees are rescued and introduced to Neo Tilted.

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