Where video games and ASMR converge

May 18, 2019
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It’s 2019 and relaxing is near impossible. There’s debt, soul-crushing jobs that we hate, and that one jerk who wakes up at 4am to mow his lawn. How the hell is anyone supposed to relax in this day and age?

For me, the answer used to be video games. After a gruelling day of being a child and feeling the pressure of society on my little shoulders, the thought of getting home and playing a few hours of Final Fantasy X always used to make me feel cheerful. But as an adult, video games don’t always make the cut when it comes to relaxation.

Recently, though, I was introduced to ASMR, or to be more accurate, video game ASMR. For those who, like me, got into this stuff five years too late, ASMR stands for ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’. It helps you relax and gives your scalp and your spine a tingling sensation through the use of sensory stimuli, such as the whispering of voices, tearing of paper, gentle tapping on objects and a lot more.

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