FIFA 19 doesn’t use EA’s Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment patents, dev insists

June 18, 2019
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EA Sports has issued a statement denying the FIFA games make use of an EA patent that dynamically adjusts difficulty in video games.

Whether FIFA has dynamic difficulty – or momentum as it’s sometimes called – or scripting, as others put it – has been a debate that’s raged within the game’s community for years. This is the idea the game will give you a helping hand if you’re losing, or knock you back if you’re winning, in order to create a sense of drama. A last-minute winner by the team you’ve dominated for 90 minutes, that kind of thing.

This is something the developers at EA Sports often address in interviews with the press. Indeed, EA Sports has denied its existence in interviews with Eurogamer. But this week EA Sports took the unusual step of issuing a statement in response to the existence of a couple of old EA patents about Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment – stressing they’re not used in the FIFA series.

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