PS VR Action Blockbuster Blood & Truth Gets a Free Demo tomorrow

July 17, 2019
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Tomorrow may be a typical Thursday for some people, but for you, tomorrow is special. It’s the day you get your first taste of the action hero life as a demo for PS VR blockbuster Blood & Truth is available for download at PlayStation Store.

Pull on your PS VR headset, wield your two PS Move controllers (or grip your Dualshock 4 controller) and prepare to experience the first thrilling mission of London Studio’s acclaimed release as you perform a daring rescue mission deep behind enemy lines.

PS VR Action Blockbuster Blood & Truth Gets a Free Demo tomorrow

Infiltrate an enemy compound, blast your way out of danger in an intense rooftop shootout and take part in a car chase in this gameplay-heavy slice of the full game. The action-packed sequence plays as a flashback and is bookended by a tense integration back in the present day, as you’re trapped under the steely gaze of the mysterious Agent Carson.

The demo will be available tomorrow, so make sure to head to PlayStation Store and start living out your life as an action hero.

And if you wanted extra incentive to pick up the full game and get stuck into the campaign now, London Studio will be launching a new update on July 25th that’ll include some fun post-game extras. More news on that very soon.

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