Here’s what Overwatch’s gravity manipulating new hero Sigma can do

July 23, 2019
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Following on from yesterday’s official unveiling, Blizzard has now detailed exactly what Overwatch’s 31st hero – the gravity manipulating astrophysicist Sigma – will be able to do on the abilities front when he arrives in-game soon.

First a quick backstory recap: Sigma (real name Siebren de Kuiper) is brilliant scientist from the Netherlands, with a particular interest in astrophysics.

One fateful day, however, an experiment to harness the power of a blackhole goes horribly wrong, and Sigma wakes in a secret government facility, quarantined, suffering severe psychological damage, and, as luck would have it, imbued with strange gravitational powers. Enter terrorist organisation Talon to bust him out, and here we are today. There’s even more on Blizzard’s Sigma reveal page if you just can’t get enough of that backstory stuff.

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