Doom 64 pops up in an age-rating listing for PC and PS4

July 27, 2019
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Ah, Doom 64. In the absence of a PC, my console-fuelled video game childhood was left with Doom 64. But, improbably, Doom 64 was great.

This 1997 Nintendo 64-exclusive Doom game was not a port of the original Doom, or any of the other Doom games. Nor was it meant to be the 64th Doom game (although by this point will it be?). Rather, it was a sequel developed by Midway that took place after Doom 2.

I remember Doom 64 looking fantastic to my teenage eyes, and the music was properly atmospheric. You spent a lot of time shooting demons, of course, but there was a real horror feel to the game. It felt like Doom 64 was as good as Doom could get on Nintendo’s console and, as someone who hadn’t played Doom before, it also felt fresh.

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