From child gambling to women in Ultimate Team, EA Sports refuses to budge

July 31, 2019
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EA Sports has “no plans” to put an age limit on in-game spending, saying it’s up to platform holders to manage that side of regulation. It also has “no changes” planned for FUT packs in light of increasing governmental scrutiny, “no plans to change” with regards to putting a cap on purchasing FUT packs, and said allowing progress to carry over from one to the next is “not something we’ve considered in the short-term”. Adding women’s football players to pre-existing clubs in FUT is also “not something we’re doing in FUT 20”, according to the developer.

That rather steadfast position was made clear at a dedicated FUT presentation, during EA’s FIFA 20 event held in Berlin last month, at which Eurogamer was present. (We also saw more of the Volta mode and changes to standard 11v11 gameplay – more on that soon.)

During the FUT presentation itself Garreth Reeder, lead producer on FIFA Ultimate Team, spent some time explaining the various additions to the mode, including Season Objectives, new house rules sub-modes aimed at the casual player, and some menu tweaks, fielding questions from the press in attendance. Most of those questions, from both the gaming and international, mainstream press, got the same answer.

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