Five of the Best: Dinosaurs

August 23, 2019
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Five of the Best is a weekly series served every Friday with your lunch (ie. noon UK time). While you’re chewing your sandwich, we’ll celebrate an overlooked part of video games. So far we’ve celebrated potions and hands. They’re the kind of things you don’t notice at the time but you never forget, either. Today…

Dinosaurs! How can you forget a dinosaur? It’s the ultimate beast. Back in the playground, when you were arguing about what would kill what in a fight, someone always pulled out a dinosaur. “Yeah? My tiger would rip your lion to pieces!” “Well my T. rex would batter your tiger!” “Fight, fight, fight!”

We’re fascinated by dinos (probably because we never had the chance to kill them off, sad-face emoji) and we’re obsessed with bringing them back to life. Games are the perfect place to do it, not the real world – I’ve seen the documentary Jurassic Park so I’m well aware of the dangers! So let’s celebrate the best dinosaurs in games. Here are our favourites, which are yours?

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