An interview about what the hell’s going on in Little Nightmares 2

August 30, 2019
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This year’s Gamescom didn’t have much in terms of big news (aside from pissing in Death Stranding) – but one announcement that did sneak up on everyone was Little Nightmares 2: the sequel to Tarsier Studios’ spooky platformer from 2017. Coming out next year, the game looks like it’s bringing plenty of additions to the original formula, including a new character, different locations, two-character gameplay, and some form of “combat”… if that’s what you can call the ladle fight going on in the announcement video.

Naturally, the trailer left fans asking plenty of questions, with many assuming the two-character gameplay meant co-op, and others wondering whether the ladle-slamming combat would form a core component of the game. I pitched these questions to lead producer Lucas Roussel and senior narrative designer Dave Mervik at Gamescom, who were able to answer some (but not all) fan queries, and also give some insight into the game design decisions behind Little Nightmares 2 and its new theme of “escapism”.

Is this a direct sequel to the first game, and when does it take place?

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