Red Dead Online’s Specialist Roles system arrives with next week’s Summer Update

September 3, 2019
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Red Dead Online, will be galloping into new territory next week, with the launch of its previously announced class-like Specialist Roles system on Tuesday, 10th September.

Specialist Roles will arrive as part of Red Dead Online’s Summer Update, and each will offer themed activities that reward unique items and skills, plus Cash and Gold payouts, as players progress through the ranks. Three Specialist Roles (Bounty Hunter, Collector, and Trader) will be introduced next week, with more due in the future, and players must part with 15 Gold Bars to begin each one – although PS4 players can become a Trader for free, while Twitch Prime subscribers can get a free Bounty Hunter License from 10th September. 

At lower rank levels, Bounty Hunters can secure work to bring down NPCs by checking out bounty boards near law offices, post offices, and train stations. However, completing Bounty Hunter Rank 12 unlocks the option to take down other wanted players with high bounties of $20 or over, with players receiving an invite to begin a hunt when their target is nearby.

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