Developers and industry legends on the games that defined the last 20 years

September 5, 2019
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As Eurogamer turns 20, we thought, you know what? It’s not all about us. It’s also about the developers, the people behind the virtual magic that inspired the creation of Eurogamer two decades ago. Without the developers, we wouldn’t be here. And so, we thought we’d ask a few of them (20, in fact!) to pick the games that defined the last 20 years, and see what would come of it.

We approached a broad range of people, from top executives and legendary talent to tiny indies. We asked them to pick a game that defined the last 20 years, but left it up to them to interpret the question. It could be a game that defined the industry, that meant a lot to them professionally or personally, or is just a favourite.

We’re delighted with the responses (thank you to everyone who contributed!). There’s some fantastic insight here, super cool anecdotes and the odd surprising choice. We hope you enjoy it!

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