With Frontier Pursuits, it’s finally time to return to Red Dead Online

September 24, 2019
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I fell victim to senseless griefers less than five times during my nearly two-week-long stint playing through Red Dead Online’s Frontier Pursuits update. If you caught my impressions back in May as Red Dead Online sauntered out of beta with all the grace of a reversing dump truck, you’ll know how promising this fact is. I chalk it down to everyone being far too busy with their new jobs. Idle hands are the devil’s playthings.

Over the course of a week in early September, Rockstar quickly promoted and pushed a gigantic update to Red Dead Online which, as promised earlier in the year, introduced three new roles to the game: Collector, Bounty Hunter and Trader. The chaser upon your arrival back into the Old West was a 70-level battle pass full of tier-unlockable resource packs, eccentric clothing items and even a Death Ram mask for your previously wholesome horse companion.

The buy-in for all of this content (including the premium version of the Outlaw Pass) is 80 Gold Bars (roughly £27), a significant commitment, especially for those of you new to Red Dead Online. Fear not though, as upon login I expect you will be buffeted by a series of apologetic handouts, from 24 tax-free gold bars to a $250 RDO rebate I received for spending too much on horse mane and tail customisation, which says a lot more about my reputation as a rough and tumble outlaw than I want it to, honestly.

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