I want to play your game but I can’t: Overland and its journey with dyslexia

September 25, 2019
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Overland is a strategy game about a road-trip across alien-invaded America. It’s good but unforgiving. It’s not for everyone (I wrote the Overland review). There are people, though, who relish a challenge like this.

Imagine that’s you. Imagine Overland is exactly up your street. But then remember you have dyslexia so will find it difficult to read the data you need to in order to secceed. This would be dejecting. This also happened.

Rebecca Saltsman, co-founder and CEO of Finji, developer of Overland, was demoing at PAX East last year when a player came up and said, “I want to play your game. This is totally my genre but I can’t play it – I can’t read anything on screen because of my dyslexia. The words are too frustrating.” (Saltsman relayed this on Twitter.)

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