Activision says Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will monetise through Battle Pass not loot boxes

October 17, 2019
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Activision has laid-out its post-launch plans for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ahead of its release next week, pledging that it will be monetising the game (as Infinity Ward’s studio art director Joel Emslie hinted at on Monday) through a Battle Pass system and in-game store, rather than through the loot boxes seen in previous titles.

Battle Passes will, as with other games that use the increasingly common system, be released on a seasonal basis, with each one bringing new content that matches the theme of each season.

Additionally, Modern Warfare’s Battle Pass will feature both free and premium reward tiers, known as “Streams”, with the likes of base weapons and attachments, as well as COD Points, being earned through gameplay. Cosmetic-only content will be available within the Battle Pass and through Modern Warfare’s in-game store.

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