2K’s hilariously shoddy WWE 2K20 gets first round of fixes in new patch

November 1, 2019
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WWE 2K20 arrived last week in a state that could charitably be described as shambolic – and the only real positive for fans that paid good money to experience the whole shoddy enterprise was that it managed to be utterly broken in ways that were frequently hilarious. But with the mirth now subsiding, publisher 2K is finally, as it previously promised, getting on with the business of sorting out its whole sorry mess with the game’s first big patch.

WWE 2K20 is, for context, the first game in the series to be primarily handled by NBA studio Visual Concepts, with previous entries being joint efforts by Visual Concepts and Japanese developer Yuke’s. The result of Visual Concepts’ solo toils, it’s fair to say, didn’t leave a great first impression, with the many, many broken elements of the experience being documented in a Reddit thread generously titled “WWE 2K20 is an absolute disaster”.

Things were bad enough that Sony even agreed to refund purchases on PS4.

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