Five of the Best: Zip wires

November 15, 2019
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Five of the Best is a weekly series about things you don’t notice when you’re playing a game because you’ve got more pressing things to do such as saving the world. Things like hands, potions, crowds, dinosaurs – we’ve covered an eclectic bunch so far (and there’s a Five of the Best archive where they’re all compiled).

But these incidentals, they’re essential, and you’ll find they’re lodged deep in your brain. So much so that if I were to say “best maps in video games – go!” I bet you’d be able to rattle off a handful without too much trouble. And that’s what I want you to do: get involved, because Five of the Best is as much about you celebrating your favourites as me celebrating mine.

So here goes, prepare yourself: “Best zip wires in video games – go!”

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