Astro A50 + Base Station Review

November 29, 2019
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It was 2012, and the original Avengers was just hitting theaters. “Call Me Maybe” was tearing up the charts. And Astro had just released its first wireless headset, the original Astro A50 Wireless.

For seven years, the A50 has occupied top billing as Astro’s flagship headset. While technology (and Marvel movies) keeps evolving over the years, the A50s have largely remained the same. The sound quality is phenomenal, the build quality is above average, the software kind of sucks, and the price tag is still a bit shocking.

That’s not to say nothing has changed. This time around, the latest version of the Astro A50 Wireless sports a new base station, a 2.4GHz connection, and improved drivers. But is that enough to justify its $239 price, a year before next-gen consoles?

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