I can’t stop landing at Fortnite’s Lazy Lake

December 5, 2019
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Tilted is no more. The whole island Tilted ruled is no more. And this means it’s interesting times for Fortnite. I’ve been getting used to Chapter Two’s new island for a while now – I know parts of it quite well even if the overall arrangement hasn’t quite clipped into place in my head – and I end up thinking about Tilted quite a bit.

Tilted was a singular focal point for the map on the first island. It was almost a game within a game, a special, faster mode in the middle of a wider battle royale. The big question in Fortnite used to be binary: Tilted or Anywhere But Tilted? The new island makes things more complex.

Basically, it has a bunch of what I would class as Mini Tilteds. It’s a bit like when Superman died and there were suddenly a handful of wannabes running around vying for the job. I like all the Mini Tilteds, but one really stands out. Lazy Lake. Lazy Lake is not the new Tilted – it’s not a question of Lazy Lake or Anywhere But? It’s something better. It’s one choice out of many. It’s my favourite choice.

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