Five of the Best: Snow

December 20, 2019
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Holy macaroni it’s the final Five of the Best of the year! This is our weekly series where we sprinkle some love on the overlooked parts of games. We’ve talked about potions, caves, hands, shops, hubs, maps, mountains and many more. There’s a Five of the Best archive if you fancy a butcher’s.

Snow! I wonder about snow. Hardly any falls where I live so whenever it does, everyone gets very excited for it. The ugly grey concrete we see every day is hidden under a fluffy white blanket, as if to say, “Don’t worry about all that stuff, unless of course you walk into it, but go out and do something else instead. Be with friends! Be with family! The trains don’t bloody work anyway.” So the country grinds to a halt and we all rush outside to slide down hills on sledges, baking trays, dustbin lids, plastic bags – anything we can find. There’s no thought for safety as people plummet down, careering into people walking up – I once saw someone perform a whole impromptu somersault – and we all return home at the end of the day with bruises and a spot of hypothermia. It’s a great day out.

So when I see snow in a video game, the same butterflies of excitement flutter around inside me. But I wonder, is it the same for those of you who live where it snows a lot? You must see so much you are sick of the sight of it. Do you like snow in games or does it give you nightmares? Do let me know!

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