Modder escapes from P.T.’s endless hallway to step out into the streets of Silent Hill

December 21, 2019
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Intrepid modder Lance McDonald is back at it again, this time escaping from P.T.’s endless hallway to step out into Kojima Productions’ rendition of the streets of Silent Hill.

McDonald, who most recently uncovered the horrifying realisation P.T.’s terrifying antagonist, Lisa, is, quite literally, attached to you as you roam the demo’s looping hallway, and confirmed the first-person protagonist in the P.T. / Silent Hills teaser is Norman Reedus, has published a new video that shows what could be the final official video game version of the town of Silent Hill.

To step out into Silent Hill, McDonald connected P.T.’s starting room to the map file used in the demo’s ending cinematic, which is rendered in real-time on PlayStation 4.

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