Ghostrunner is Mirror’s Edge meets Genji and it feels fantastic

May 7, 2020
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Imagine Mirror’s Edge but you’re Genji from Overwatch and you’re escaping – or perhaps breaking into – a prison in a cyberpunk world, and voila! You’ve got Ghostrunner.

You run, wall-run, slide, climb, jump, grapple and dash. And when you get to your enemies you slash your sword to chop them in two. But getting to them is hard. They shoot quickly and accurately, and one bullet kills. Therefore, Ghostrunner is a game that’s not so much about combat, or about killing people in flashy ways, but about dodging. A game about trial-and-erroring your way through a level until you can string it altogether in one successful go.

And it’s all about that dash. The dash both bursts you a short distance forward and slows time while you hold the button down. It’s in this way you’re able to dodge bullets. How you’re able to slow time in mid-air, strafe around an incoming projectile, and close the distance to an enemy so you can slice them in half.

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