Snowy survival game The Long Dark is going full-on horror this Halloween

October 23, 2020
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Developer Hinterland’s superb post-apocalyptic survival game The Long Dark – which sees players prowling its snowy wilderness with nothing but a stash of rapidly dwindling resources and invariably soggy underpants – is already a wonderfully tense experience. This year, however, Hinterland is aiming to go from tense to terrifying as part of its new Escape the Darkwalker Halloween event.

Escape the Darkwalker is set to run from next Thursday, 29th October, to 12th November, and replaces the Four Days of Night Halloween event that has been an annual fixture for The Long Dark since its debut in 2016. But while Four Days of Night was a relatively straightforward rejig of the game’s existing survival systems, plunging the experience into perpetual darkness and adding a few spooky props, Escape the Darkwalker unleashes a bevvy of changes designed to shift the game into full-on horror territory.

Those brave enough to embark on Hinterland’s new Halloween adventure will once again find themselves scrambling to survive in an endless night. This time, however, they’ll be relentlessly pursued by an unstoppable, malevolent – and entirely invisible – entity, capable of killing them immediately if it manages to get too close.

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