Marvel’s Avengers developer seeks to better explain why it’s increasing XP grind

March 8, 2021
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Crystal Dynamics has issued a further statement on its upcoming Marvel’s Avengers XP changes that will soon increase the game’s later levelling grind. The developer also admitted its initial explanation was “not comprehensive enough” and had “caused confusion”.

The XP changes were originally detailed last week in a blog post on the Marvel’s Avengers website, along with a warning that any player who wanted to avoid the lengthier grind had until 18th March (the day these changes hit) to level up characters first.

“While it’s tempting to read the increased grind as a cynical attempt at keeping players embroiled in the Avengers’ live service game for longer,” our reporter Matt Wales summarised last week, “Crystal Dynamics insists the goal is to fix pacing issues with the existing levelling system, arguing the speed the game currently awards skill points ‘may be confusing and overwhelming’ to newer players.”

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