Planet Zoo adds emus, armadillos, and more in new Grasslands expansion

December 3, 2022
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Frontier Developments’ animal management sim Planet Zoo is ushering in emus, armadillos, and more as part of its new Grasslands Animal Pack DLC on 13th December.

The Grasslands Animal Pack is Planet Zoo’s fourth paid expansion this year, and its 12th expansion since releasing in 2019. It introduces eight new exhibit creatures with a loose theme of “steppes, plains and prairies”, alongside a new Career Mode scenario.

On the animal front, Grasslands purchasers will gain access to the nine-banded armadillo, the maned wolf, the emu, the caracal, the red-necked wallaby, the striped hyena, and the blue wildebeest. It also introduces five species of butterfly that can be displayed as part of a walkthrough exhibit: the Cloudless Sulphur, European Peacock, Menelaus Blue Morpho, Monarch, and Old World Swallowtail.

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