Owlboy dev returns with platform-shooter remaster Savant – Ascent this summer

March 30, 2023
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D-Pad Studio, the developer behind acclaimed 2016 platform adventure Owlboy, is back with a 10th anniversary remaster of its debut title Savant – Ascent, which is coming to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and mobile some time this “summer”.

Savant – Ascent, which D-Pad calls a “shoot-em-up platformer”, casts players as the Alchemist, a magical practitioner forced from their tower by a mysterious entity. The goal, then, is to return to the top by clearing stages consisting solely of two platforms – which players will need to carefully navigate as they fend off swarms of enemies using their projectiles.

Savant – Ascent is inspired by the music of Norweigian artist Savant, and its newly announced Anniversary Edition promises new stages, abilities, bosses, and power-ups, plus a new Survival Mode pitting players against a parade of bosses as they ride the Endless Elevator.

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