The Last Worker’s all-star cast brings a shine to its anti-capitalist satire but the gameplay is a chore

April 2, 2023
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Before I start talking about my time with The Last Worker, I feel I should preface this week’s episode of Ian’s VR Corner with a couple of points.

Firstly, the game’s publisher Wired Productions should be absolutely praised for not only making The Last Worker available to play in both flat-screen and VR modes, but also its upcoming Lemmings-like puzzler Tin Hearts too. If this trend were to be continued by the majority of publishers and developers, the world of VR gaming would be a much busier and better place and the sooner other studios and software houses follow the example set by Wired the better.

Secondly, my impressions below, and in this week’s VR Corner above, are only based on approx 2 hours of gameplay and I was feeling rather ill with what could possibly be Covid (although I’m still testing negative) at the time of recording. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t seem to enjoy The Last Worker as much as other reviewers did, I don’t know, but it’s certainly possible that the gameplay could markedly improve after this point.

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