Let’s Get Evil in Baldur’s Gate 3: Part 3 – My own demon butler

January 7, 2024
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Welcome back! Let’s Get Evil is a monthly series for Eurogamer Supporters in which Bertie rampages through games being as evil as he can. It sounds easy, but is it? And how much freedom does each game afford in this area? There’s only one way to find out.

Where were we? That’s right – I, Percy, the human-paladin-slash-moral-abomination, was naked on a plinth with Nightwarden Minthara, celebrating a victory over the defenders of the druid grove. I say victory but it was more of an uncontested stampede. My betrayal led the goblin army there and let the goblin army in, and I slew the defenders in the way. That means Wyll, one of the game’s companions, is dead, because he dared stand against me, and that Karlach left my game too. She refused to have any part in it.

But that’s not quite where we left it. Specifically, we left with Minthara dozing on my chest as a thought occurred to me. A thought belonging to a deeper, more complicated entity that lives inside me. Something monstrous. I don’t know what it is and I don’t know why it’s there, because I can’t seem to remember much before I woke up on the beach, but I know whenever I get a sniff of blood, bad things happen. Right now I’m wondreing whether I should should snap Minthara’s neck.

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