Pokémon Go’s Sinnoh Tour adds creatures you’ll need to add game-changing effects

January 11, 2024
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Pokémon Go’s next major in-game event will add a pair of powerful and game-changing new abilities you’ll need to obtain special creatures to use.

Pokémon Go Tour: Sinnoh will debut Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia from last year’s Pokémon Legends Arceus – ancient versions of the Legendary creatures from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (the appearance of which is not a surprise, as they were first revealed a little earlier than planned last year).

Befitting their powerful status and space-time warping properties, the pair will debut a new feature for Pokémon Go named Adventure Effects. These are gameplay-changing abilities unlocked by interacting with the creature itself that can also be boosted further using in-game resources.

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