Helldivers 2 Galactic War gameplay detailed: complete missions, reclaim planets, rescue the galaxy

January 24, 2024
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One of the key features of Helldivers 2 is The Galactic War. Super Earth’s territories are under siege on all fronts by monstrous enemies hell-bent on destroying humanity’s way of life. From the war table aboard your ship, your team can watch as the conflict unfolds and take part in battles across the universe. Do your part to advance the frontlines in the name of Freedom and Managed Democracy.

Helldivers 2 Galactic War gameplay detailed: complete missions, reclaim planets, rescue the galaxy

The Helldivers

Helldivers are the true heroes of Super Earth. As an elite soldier, you have the full might of Super Earth’s arsenal at your disposal. Use your lethal array of stratagems and weaponry to defend its colonizers and liberate planets from enemy forces.

Rise through the ranks and take on increasingly difficult missions to solidify your place in Helldiver history – and if one Helldiver should perish, that’s just an opportunity for another Citizen to realize their dream. Prosperity and liberty are your core values and it’s your privilege to spread them.

The enemy factions

The robotic Automatons and the bug-like Termininds terrorize Super Earth citizens in the biggest conflict since the last Helldiver mobilization, over one hundred years ago. Each faction operates differently, and requires their own strategies – and stratagems – to face.

The work of a Helldiver never ends as more planets fall into the enemy’s clutches and the battle rages on. Play your part in an evolving war to reclaim planets for Super Earth and spread democracy and liberty to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Conquer not only Super Earth’s foes but the elements themselves, as you brave a plethora of environmental hazards on the surface of alien worlds.

Missions and operations

Unite with your comrades in arms and monitor the conflict at the War Table together.

Assemble around the Galactic War map with your squad and choose your mission.

Once you choose a planet, the War Table will allow you to choose an operation to partake in. Operations consist of up to three missions, with a variety of primary objectives, like eradicating bug infestations, destroying enemy supplies, and retrieving valuable data.

You can strategize with your team and build your load-outs collaboratively to prepare for the challenge ahead.

Embark on a range of different missions, from taking down high value targets or launching missiles to strike the heart of enemy strongholds. While fighting on the frontlines, keep your eyes open for potential resources and intel to bring back to Super Earth researchers. Your progress contributes to the overall war effort, and brings you closer to liberating that sector of the galaxy.

Super Earth is depending on you. Enlist today—Hellpods drop when Helldivers 2 releases on February 8!

PSN account required. Gameplay requires internet access and paid for PlayStation Plus membership (sold separately) on PS5. PlayStation Plus membership subject to recurring subscription fee taken automatically until cancellation. Age restrictions apply. Full terms: play.st/psplus-usageterms.

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