Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.42 arrives today with new cars and Café Menus

January 25, 2024
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Gran Turismo players! Update 1.42* for Gran Turismo 7 arrives Wednesday, January 24th at 11:00pm PST / January 25th at 6:00am GMT / 3:00pm JST. Let’s take a look at what’s included. 

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.42 arrives today with new cars and Café Menus

Three new cars

BVLGARI Aluminum Vision Gran Turismo

A digital concept car infused with the DNA of BVLGARI.

*Can be purchased in Brand Central from end of February

The BVLGARI Aluminum Vision Gran Turismo is a digital concept car inspired by the iconic BVLGARI Aluminum watch from 1998 and shares the same spirit: sporty, smart and essential, yet precise and quality crafted. The shapes, materials, colours, and overall design language of the car are directly inspired by the form language and spirit of the aluminum watch. 

The barchetta body style is an archetype of sportiness which expresses dynamic movement, lightness, and performance. The body design is an essential combination of pure and geometrical shapes, which are symbolic of Italian car design traditions of creativity and character, integrating some original references to the glorious era of ’60s and ’70s concept cars from Italian Carrozzeria. The result is a timeless design that is undeniably Italian in its innovative conceptual spirit and its expression of style and coolness, transcending all the temporary fashions and short-term trends, to affirm itself as a pure expression of BVLGARI design DNA.

Complimentary offer for owners of the BVLGARI Aluminum Gran Turismo Limited Models.

Those who purchase the BVLGARI Aluminum Gran Turismo Limited Model chronograph watch and register via the QR code will receive this car at no additional cost along with early access ahead of the official February release (to be distributed as a Car Ticket each month beginning late January). Take this opportunity to experience BVLGARI’s revolutionary digital concept car alongside this Vision Gran Turismo 10th anniversary commemorative chronograph watch.

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept

A sports coupe that embodies the athletic elegance sought out by Genesis.

*Can be purchased in Brand Central

The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept emotionally applies Genesis’ Athletic Elegance design philosophy. The design orchestrates the cab’s backward proportions with Genesis’ typical anti-wedge attitude that is structured around a virtual parabolical tensioned theory common to the entire Genesis model line-up. 

The X Gran Berlinetta Concept design language is pure and muscular with the volumes centered around the wheels. It sports Genesis’ new front fascia that abstracts the crest grille and links it with the quad lights, structuring and connecting the volumes from front to rear with the two-line brand identifier. The fuselage extrudes itself towards the rear in an elliptical concave volume that can be found on other Genesis vehicles. It is framed by a rear spoiler and lateral trailing edges for aerodynamic high-speed stability. 

The interior derives Genesis’ Beauty of White Space attitude by creating a purist environment for the pilot. The essential functions are prioritized to maximize track performance focus. The digital panoramic interface serves as information center linked to the surround digital monitoring system, while the steer-by-wire grip commands allow precise maneuvering. The quilted, padded bolsters protect the pilot while racing and during the speedy entrance and egress on pit stops. The X Gran Berlinetta Concept features an impressive aerodynamic fluidity. 

The designers have achieved a drag coefficient of 0.34 by integrating aerodynamic aids and orchestrating internal and laminar flows. The X Gran Berlinetta Concept is powered by a front mid-mounted Lambda II V6 engine, electrically assisted by Genesis E-SC technology. The hybrid race-spec drivetrain delivers a total of 1,071 HP (1,071 BHP) 986 ft-lb (136.3 kgfm) of torque, ensuring that this car is as powerful as it is beautiful. The V6 screams at 10,000 rpm while delivering a maximum output of 870 HP (870 BHP) and 790 ft-lb (109.2 kgfm) while the Yasa E motor generates an additional 201 HP (201 BHP) 196 ft-lb (27 kgfm).

Suzuki Jimny XC ’18

Amazing all-terrain ability beyond its size. Japan’s mighty micro off-roader.

*Can be purchased in Brand Central

The Jimny is a cross-country style 4WD model that has been produced by Suzuki since 1970. While there have been variants in each generation that crossed over into the compact car class, the mainstay of the series is the ‘kei’ model. The series has continued to develop over the years with a 2nd generation model introduced in 1981, the 3rd generation introduced in 1998 and the 4th generation in 2018. 

What has remained constant across the entire series though is its construction, which uses a ‘kei’ size body shell fitted to a ladder frame chassis with rigid axle suspension and oversized tires. The drivetrain used has always been a part-time four-wheel drive layout, though rear-wheel drive only models have appeared as well. The all-terrain ability that this thoroughbred offroad setup affords has earned it praise not only within its native Japan but across the globe as well. It has found a home as a commercial vehicle in areas with extreme snow and mountainous conditions, become a popular choice for outdoor leisure enthusiasts and even become a base car for off-road motorsports. 

The main features of the 4th generation Jimny introduced in 2018, are its overtly square body and its round headlamps which take the design back to its roots. Additionally, its stability and ride comfort at high speeds, a common weakness of primarily off-road vehicles, have been greatly improved. Also, the 660 cc turbo engine has been specially tuned for the Jimny, and the classic part-time four-wheel drive system has been returned to a mechanical transfer case. To reduce wheel spin, the car comes with electronically controlled brake LSD traction control as standard. The most popular model in the line-up is the luxury XC grade which comes with a wide variety of extra features such as cruise control and steering wheel-mounted audio controls.

Café / Extra Menus

The following two Extra Menus have been added:

  • Extra Menu No. 34: ‘Nissan Motorsports‘ (Collector Level 46 and above)
  • Extra Menu No. 35: ‘Dodge’(Collector Level 32 and above)

World Circuits (Event)

A brand-new race event, the Jimny Cup has been added to World Circuits along with new Vision Gran Turismo Trophy races for 2 tracks.

  • Jimny Cup Sardegna – Windmills / Willow Springs International Raceway / Lake Louise
  • Vision Gran Turismo Trophy Tokyo Expressway / Autodromo Nazionale Monza


Service Area and Turn the Camera Vertically have been added to featured Scapes.

*Internet connection and Gran Turismo 7 game required for update.

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