Infinite Craft is a powerful glimpse into other minds

February 6, 2024
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Years back I knew someone who was really into lucid dreaming. They had never actually had a lucid dream, but that inevitably only made them more into it. They read books on lucid dreaming and probably attended symposia on lucid dreaming. Their house was filled with Post-it notes on which they had written, over and over, “IS THIS A DREAM?” before plastering them to every surface, because the books and symposia had all told them that the key to this magical garden was teaching yourself to constantly question whether or not you were dreaming right now.

Reader, like my friend I have never had a lucid dream. But I imagine it’s a bit like Infinite Craft, the latest browser game from Neal Agarwal. My boss Graham dropped it into our Slack this morning, and it was exactly as if he had dropped a bunch of mentos into a communal vat of Coca-cola. We are all lost now. Do not send help.

Infinite Craft is a highly evolved version of those games where you combine items to get better items. I think these used to be called alchemy games? But anyway, you combine WATER with FIRE and you get STEAM. That kind of thing. But twenty minutes later you’re staring at PORN GENIE, and you know that somehow this all started with WATER and FIRE and you decide you need to step away from it all for a while and do something else.

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