Payday 3 developer seeks long-term success after disappointing launch

February 15, 2024
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Following a rocky launch, Payday 3 developer Starbreeze said its sales and player activity are “currently at significantly lower levels than [it] would like”. However, the studio hopes to turn this around in the future, stating it will focus efforts “to ensure that the game lives up to expectations” for players.

The developer noted there have been other examples of games that have successfully turned a “problematic initial time on the market” into a “long-term success” story. While Starbreeze did not mention any names, Cyberpunk 2077 came to my mind.

“There is no simple recipe available, but a common thread from the positive examples is to take players’ criticism to heart, dare to support your game and keeping an open and honest dialogue with your stakeholders,” Starbreeze said in its year-end report. “That is exactly what we are now doing with Payday 3.”

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