Foamstars new season Groovy Disco begins on March 8

February 26, 2024
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Foamstars released on February 6 as a PlayStation Plus Monthly Game, and we’re elated that so many players have tried out the game. It’s not too late for PlayStation Plus members to add it to their library before March 4.

Foamstars new season Groovy Disco begins on March 8

In Foamstars, each season will last about 5 weeks, so we’d like to share details on the new season, Groovy Disco, which begins March 8.

New Foamstar – Coiff Guy

Groovy Disco features the new Foamstar, Coiff Guy. Coiff Guy can use a rocket launcher-style foam gun to take down enemies from a distance, while his skills include an up-close body slam inspired by his background as a pro wrestler.

Coiff Guy can be unlocked by progressing the Season Pass to Tier 31. He may also be unlocked immediately for users who purchase the Premium Pass.

New season Groovy Disco – Season Pass details

Earn XP via online matches, completing missions or clearing Challenges to progress through the Season Pass tiers and unlock new items. In the Groovy Disco Season Pass, on top of the new Foamstar Coiff Guy, Foam Gun skins for multiple characters and a Character skin for The Baristador are also available for free.

By purchasing the paid Premium Pass, you can unlock even more glorious rewards. Players will immediately unlock any rewards up to their Season Pass Tier at time of purchase.

New Solo Missions added

Missions 4 through 6 will be added to the current Foamstar Missions.

In Mission 6, Dark Ramzey will appear, offering a harder challenge compared to the previous bosses.

Please try to use what you’ve learned thus far to beat it!

Ranked Party – Compete for World Rankings

Compete solo in Ranked Party Lonestar or with a team in Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe. Both events will be available to play in Groovy Disco.

Ranks in Foamstars are categorized into seven tiers: Bronze Star, Silver Star, Gold Star, Platinum Star, Diamond Star, Superstar, and Party Legend. Once enough Rank Points (RP) have been attained, you will be able to partake in Rank Up Trials which if completed successfully, allow you to progress to the next Rank.

The Ranked Party Lonestar action kicks off starting March 11 PST (March 12 UTC), and Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe begins on April 4 PST (Aril 5 UTC).

Extreme Party – New limited-time events

Extreme Party will be held twice during Groovy Disco. In the first event – All Coiff Guy Party – every player will join the fun as Coiff Guy.The second event, Super Duel Party, will introduce intense 1-on-1 battles. Please see below for the schedule and join these events!

The All Coiff Guy Party kicks off on March 22 PST (March 23 UTC), and the Super Duel Party begins on March 30 PST (March 31 UTC).

All PlayStation Plus members can redeem, download, and play Foamstars at no extra cost until March 4 on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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