Arcade Paradise VR plays great on the Quest 3 but the lack of fully immersive controls may turn people off

March 3, 2024
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Arcade Paradise was a charming management/simulation game set in an old laundrette. In it, the player had to complete menial tasks in order to earn enough cash to build an awesome 90s video game arcade at the back of the building in an attempt to prove themselves to their cranky dad.

The wonderful Chris Donlan, who reviewed the game for us in 2022 called Arcade Paradise a “quirky slice-of-life that will transport you back into the past”, which is totally spot on, but, thanks to the magic of VR, that feeling of transportation will get even stronger this Spring when Arcade Paradise VR releases for the Quest 2 & 3!

While there’s no set release date for it yet, eager arcade owners can watch me take a preview build of Arcade Paradise VR for a spin (geddit?) on the Quest 3 in this week’s episode of VR Corner. And it all kicks off with a close up of a massive poo smear in the bowl of a toilet. You’re welcome!

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