The Finals Season 2: first details on hacking-themed season 2, live March 14

March 12, 2024
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Season 2 of The Finals arrives on March 14 and strange things are happening in the free-to-play arena. The game show has been compromised by the rogue hacking collective CNS, and showrunners are scrambling to decipher their cryptic messages — but one thing is clear: the show must go on!

On top of new weapons to spice up the loadout of each class, viewers and contestants alike can keep an eye out for game-changing additions that are likely to disrupt the game show. The hacker collective has infiltrated the source code to add gadgets and abilities, alter maps, and even enter unauthorized contestants.

The Finals Season 2: first details on hacking-themed season 2, live March 14

Throughout this jam-packed season, contestants can expect to experience the hacked and voxelized new map, several limited-time game modes, an all-new 5v5 game mode, and the new Hacker Playstyle. Contestants can step into the shoes of CNS, with a set of gadgets & a new specialization that can be mixed and matched with the existing toolset. Raise barriers, remove walls, defy gravity, tunnel across the arena, and transform items — become the glitch in the system, the ultimate cyber tactician, and bring a new dimension to the game.

Let’s take a closer look at the gadgets and abilities CNS has hacked together:

The Dematerializer for Mediums

A specialization that temporarily erases physical surfaces, like walls, ceilings, or goo — allowing contestants to see, shoot, and pass through them. Create new passageways and close them back up again as contestants turn every obstacle in their path into an open door.

The Anti-Gravity Cube for Heavys

A deployable cube that manipulates gravity in its immediate area, lifting contestants and objects upwards. Is it a traversal tool? Or a defensive gadget? It’s up to each contestant.

The Gateway for Lights

A pair of limited-range deployable portals. When both are thrown and activated, contestants and objects can move between the two locations. Anyone can use a portal, but players can’t see or shoot through them! Perfect for a quick getaway, when things get hairy.

The Data Reshaper for Mediums

A gadget that changes enemy fortifications (or any random objects for that matter) into something else entirely — like turning an enemy mine into a chair. Or an enemy turret into a table. Great for breaking through enemy defenses.

This and much more is coming in Season 2. So what are you waiting for? Head into the arena, join CNS, and disrupt the fabric of the arena in Season 2, arriving March 14.

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