Star Wars: The Old Republic fleshes out romances with date nights

March 13, 2024
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Development on free-to-play MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is still going strong after 13 years, with its latest patch adding a new storyline surrounding House Inrokini and highly requested date nights with romanced companions.

SWTOR’s sixth season of content, Building a Foundation, and game update 7.4.1 rolled out yesterday and included all of the above. Building a Foundation adds three new story missions related to the Inrokini Chiss family, who were previously introduced in the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion from 2016.

Date Night Companion Missions are part of update 7.4.1, and give players unique interactions with romanced companions. The missions are repeatable every week, and are “fully-voiced, cinematic-only scenes that are unique to the partner’s interest”.

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